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René on Stage!

Ancestral Voices

René is now appearing in this play at the Falcon Theatre in southern California. Running dates are Thursday through Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees, October 14 through November 26.

Promo material for the play says:

Ancestral Voices, A Family Story by A.R. Gurney, is set in Gurney's hometown of Buffalo, New York in the 1940's. It is a bittersweet story, perceived through the eyes of young Eddie, whose family is turned inside out when his grandmother unexpectedly divorces his grandfather in order to marry his grandfather's best friend. Simultaneously, the outside world is undergoing temporal changes and we follow the family through the ensuing decades of war and social upheaval.

As with Gurney's popular play Love Letters, Ancestral Voices was written to be performed informally, with actors reading from scripts.

The cast consists of René as Grandfather and Uncle Roger, Mariette Hartley as his daughter (mother of the narrator), Robert Foxworth as his son-in-law (father of the narrator), Katherine Helmond as Grandmother and Aunt Fanny, and Fred Savage as the narrator, Eddie.

More information, including a photo of René with Helmond and Savage, appears in an article at Playbill Online.

You can also read an LA Times review of the premiere, or a review by Web page assistant Marguerite Krause.

Write or call the theatre for ticket availability (prices range from $25 to 35):

The Falcon Theatre
4252 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA

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