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René on Stage

Selected Shorts: Surprised by Love
March 7, 2015
Dallas, Texas

Selected Shorts will bring their tour to the Dallas Museum of Art, where René will read The Big Cat by Louise Erdrich. Other readers on the program are Jane Kaczmarek and Mary Kay Place. To purchase tickets and find more information about the event, please visit the Dallas Museum of Art website.

Finding René on TV

To see when and where movies or TV episodes featuring René will be aired on various cable or broadcast channels, the TV Guide website seems to offer the best information. Just type "Auberjonois" into the search box at the top of the page and you'll be able to see listings for any shows airing in the next couple of weeks that list his name in the credits. (And as a bonus, you may see shows listed in which his daugther Tessa or son Rémy have appeared!) Check it out at TV

If you hear of Star Trek conventions, theatrical productions, or other events that list René as a participant, and want further details, please contact Marguerite Krause and we'll try to get a confirmation from René as soon as he is sure of his schedule.

Remember, if you take photos at one of these events, or would like to write a convention report or play review to post here on René's Website, write to Marguerite to find out how to add your submission to these pages!

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