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Sustenance for Solids
Recipes from around the world!


An introduction, recipe ideas,
and artwork
by René! 

artwork by Tracy Hemenover

This cookbook was developed by the talented and food-loving members of RAFL -- the René Auberjonois Fan(fic) List.

The first version of the book was a gift for René, but once he saw it he agreed that anyone who enjoys food and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine should have a chance to own a copy!

Here's an excerpt from René's introduction:

"I love to eat....
and here are
Things I love to eat....
I love perfectly cooked rice
Basmati rice -- fluffy and aromatic.
Sushi rice --sticky and mysterious.
California brown rice -- heavy and satisfying.
Risoto -- in all its magical forms...."

Wouldn't you like to read more? :-)

ALL PROCEEDS from the purchase of Sustenance for Solids (after mailing) are DONATED to charities chosen by René, including Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, Amnesty International, and others.

Sustenance for Solids contains over 75 pages of recipes, everything from appetizers (including “Dr. Bashir’s Potato Salad” and “Moogie’s Best Baked Bugs”) to dessert (including “Section 31’s Top-Secret Carrot Cake” and “Joseph Sisko’s Louisiana Pie”). The book is illustrated by such talented artists as Janet D’Airo, Chris Bichler, Tracy Hemenover, and others.

Cost: (with shipping)
$15 to USA and Canada
$20 outside North America

A great gift idea, too! Order one for yourself, and one for a friend! We're happy to ship to multiple addresses -- just include clear instructions with your order.

Please send checks or money orders,
payable to ORACLE, to:

PO Box 16296
Minneapolis, MN 55416-0296

(We also welcome payment via PayPal; write to Marguerite for details.)

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