A photo gallery from René's theatrical career!

Twelfth Night
Lincoln Center, 1972
Blythe Danner - Viola
René Auberjonois - Malvolio

The Good Doctor
The O'Neill, 1974
René Auberjonois - 5 Characters
Christopher Plummer - Chekkov

City of Angels
The Virginia, 1990
René Auberjonois - Buddy Fiddler
Gregg Edelmann - Stine

Break A Leg
The Palace, 1978
Julie Harris
René Auberjonois

Big River
René Auberjonois - The Duke
Dan Jenking - Huck

The Barrymore, 1989
Mikhail Baryshnikov - Gregor
René Auberjonois - The Father

King Lear
Lincoln Center, 1968
Lee J. Cobb - Lear
René Auberjonois - The Fool

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Special thanks to Lisa Wilcox of ORACLE for sending along these great pics!

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