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The Newsletters

ORACLE has been publishing newsletters since the club began in 1995. The frequency of publication varied during the first couple of years, but since 2000 the newsletter has been coming out regularly four times a year (in January, April, July, and October), and every issue contains a combination of interviews with René, reports of conventions and reviews of René's work (film, TV, theatre) by fans, and lots of photos.

We have a limited supply of copies of back issues of the newsletter available for purchase. The list below includes the date of publication, price, and a description of a few of the major articles for each issue. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

Try an issue... try a few... buy the whole set!

  • Volume 1 - $5 per issue
    No. 1 - 1995: Interview with RenÚ
    Report of DS9 set visit
    Convention Q&A: RenÚ and Armin in San JosÚ

    No. 3 - 1995: Two interviews with RenÚ
    Reviews and articles about ACT (circa 1965)
    Report of SeaTrek 95

    No. 4 - 1995: Interview with RenÚ
    Two in-depth articles about Odo

  • Volume 2 - $10 per issue
    No. 2 - 1997: Long interview with RenÚ
    Report of Los Locos set visit
    Reviews and article about City of Angels
    Reviews of several 1996 conventions

    No. 3 - 1999: Three interviews with RenÚ
    Report of DS9 set visit
    Convention Q&A: RenÚ and
    Armin in San Francisco

  • Volume 3 - 2000 - $5 per issue
    No. 1 - January: Convention report and Q&A, Champaign 1999

    No. 2 - April: Report of DS9 set visit
    Convention report and Q&A, Buffalo 1999

    No. 3 - July: Convention Q&A, Glasgow 1998
    Convention Q&A 1, Valley Forge 1999

    No. 4 - October: Reviews of The Patriot
    Convention report, Las Vegas 1999
    Convention Q&A 2, Valley Forge 1999

  • Volume 4 - 2001 - $5 per issue
    No. 1 - January: Convention report and Q&A,
    Connecticut, January 2000
    Review of Ancestral Voices

    No. 2 - April: Convention reports and Q&As,
    Fort Wayne and Lansing, April 2000

    No. 3 - July: RenÚ's Carnegie Mellon
    keynote address, May 2001
    Convention report and Q&A, Bonn, Germany 2000

    No. 4 - October: Reports of Philadelphia con,
    July 2000
    Dinner on the Promenade, March 2001

  • Volume 5 - 2002 - $5 per issue
    No. 1 - January: Photos from Bristol, England,
    July 2001
    Convention Q&A, Philadelphia, July 2000
    Article about Doctors Without Borders

    No. 2 - April: Discussion of Odo's
    "Defining Moment"
    Review of A Delicate Balance

    No. 3 - July: Convention report and Q&A, Tulsa,
    June 2001

    No. 4 - October: In-depth article about Odo and Kira
    Convention reports and Q&A, Las Vegas 2001

  • Volume 6 - 2003 - $5 per issue
    No. 1 - January: DS9 10th Anniversary reminiscences
    Reviews of Dance of the Vampires

    No. 2 - April: Interview with RenÚ
    RenÚ's cartoons for "Books, Books"
    Reviews of Dance of the Vampires
    Review of Ashendon

    No. 3 - July: RenÚ's commencement address at
    University of Southern California, May 2003
    Report of Motor City Comic Con, May 2002

    No. 4 - October: Reviews of Snide and Prejudice
    Convention report, Las Vegas 2003
    RenÚ's description of Tessa's wedding

  • Volume 7 - $6 per issue
    No. 1 - January: Long interview with RenÚ
    Convention report and Q&A, Kansas City, September 2003

    No. 2 - April: Review of RenÚ's 1980s work at
    Mark Taper Forum
    First reviews of Sly Fox

    No. 3 - July: Essay on Changeling telepathy (DS9)
    Four reports about Sly Fox

Please send checks or money orders,
payable to ORACLE, to:

PO Box 16296
Minneapolis, MN 55416-0296

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