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RenÚ in Chicago, June 1 2013
René's Charity Fundraising

Okay. Everyone knows we're not here just to raise money. Any fan club run by fans is a labor of love, and René's fan club, ORACLE, is strictly a non-profit organization.

But one thing that is a source of great pride and satisfaction to René and to all of us in ORACLE is the amount of money that René continues to raise for good causes -- at conventions, autograph-signings, and ORACLE-sponsored silent auctions and events, as well as through special projects, including:


Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize for Peace), Amnesty International, Heifer International, the American Arthritis Foundation, and many others have all benefited from René's generous expenditure of time and energy, and from the expansive hearts and wallets of his many fans.

After receiving funds from one of our events, René's wife Judith wrote:

Just wanted to let the contributors out there in the Trek universe know that we are really unbelievably gratified to be able to give to Doctors Without Borders.

We have a fervent belief in the organization, and any contributions the Trekkers make are indeed included in our donations to Doctors Without Borders.

With her note, Judith included a copy of the Doctors Without Borders U.S. Annual Report, which listed the names of significant contributors -- including René and Judith Auberjonois.

If you participate in any of ORACLE's fundraising activities, or send in a donation in exchange for RenÚ's autograph, please know that your money is part of the totals donated to Doctors Without Borders and similar worthy groups, and we thank you.

And next time you're at a convention, and you have to shell out money for an autographed photo, just remember -- it's all going for a good cause!

Photo by Inna A. Ruslanova

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