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Well, it looks like we have another review. I really wanted to do a review with René having a prominent role. So you just have to wait until a good one comes along.

While in pursuit of a Maquis craft in the gamma quadrant, Kira and Odo are lead to an asteroid. Soon, they continue their pursuit on foot, eventually being split up in the cavernous interior. Separated, we hear phaser fire and a static Kira on the communicator. Odo finds his friend O.K., but her foot is wedged between a few rocks. Upon closer examination, the rocks are growing around her leg.

As Odo begins his task to free his friend, he also finds his detective skills are put to the test.

But wait! We also have a subplot.

Back at Deep Space Nine our friend Nog has made some pretty significant choices that will affect his adult life.

If you're Ferengi, your lobe size got you where you wanted, but what if you "had your fathers know-how, and your uncles tenacity." But you just didn't have the lobes.

© Paramount
Photo Courtesy of René Auberjonois

Well it appears Nog wants to join Starfleet. This takes Sisko and company aback a little. Soon they put Nog to the test. Not just physical, but to see what his motivation is.

Meanwhile back in the gamma quadrant the stone is advancing. When Odo leaves Kira to return to the shuttle to retrieve some much needed equipment, Kira is caught in an exchange of fire with the renegades, she is unmarked of course.

During the time that Odo works on finding a solution to the rocks growth, which by now is chin deep, they pass time by talking. But when you're talking with your best friend that you've known for years and you hear something that is completely out of character, things begin to fall into place.

I won't reveal the outcome of the episode, but both storylines are very well executed. The characters have grown by leaps and bounds. You surely won't be disappointed. Enjoy!!

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