Where in the World is Odo?

René mentioned several conventions that he attended during hiatus and now they are done. After the June convention in Australia, René and Judith will come home and take a deep breath before the new season of DS9 begins filming. The first episode will be two hours and it sounds very exciting. During his adventures away from the demanding schedule of DS9, René found time to do other projects.

  • Shadow Moon, an audio book from a George Lucas/Chris Claremont collaboration. It involves some of the characters from Willow, a George Lucas Film from a few years ago.
  • Savage Dragon, a cartoon based on the comic book from Universal Studios. René gives voice to the treacherous villain Horde.
  • Before he left, René recorded an audio book collection of short stories by Roger Zelazny. Angel Dark Angel, Horses of Lir, The Last Defense of Camelot, and Unicorn Variations are included. Good listening.
  • Don't forget to see Batman Forever this summer where he plays a psychiatrist named Dr. Burton. His more extensive scene near the beginning of the movie was cut but you can read it in the novelization.
  • From the map we see that René spent time in England to do, "Don Juan in Hell", with Ed Asner, Harris Yulin and Mira Furlan. The review will be in issue three of Oracle.
  • René will be directing the third episode of the fourth season. Hurrah!! Unfortunately he had to cancel the Toronto convention which happens at the same time, sorry but I'm sure some one exciting will show up in his place.

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