(Artwork Courtesy of Janet D'Airo)
They love me, they love me not...

What an incredible surprise when I received the copy of "Oracle" and saw my drawing of RenÚ on the cover. Thank you very much for the honor, for it really is an honor to be included in such a beautifully done publication. The production quality is as classy as its subject. Thank you also for the care with which you reproduced the portrait. Pencil is extremely difficult to reproduce and you did an excellent job of it. The whole thing has me feeling both very proud and extremely humble if such a thing is possible.

As for RenÚ and Armins' San JosÚ appearance, praise can't be given enough for the enjoyment they gave all of us. I really don't believe there has been a better celebrity appearance and I've attended some truly spectacular conventions, dating back to ones in the mid-seventies when the original Star Trek stars were joined by NASA scientists and Science Fiction writers the likes of Heinlien, Silverberg, Niven, and Ellison in monster cons in San Francisco and Oakland.

The genuine affection between RenÚ and Armin and their generosity they extend to all of us made the afternoon truly magic!!! They really must do it again sometime, it's just too precious a gift to only experience once.

Again, thank you for the honor you gave me of including my work in your publication and all the care you took to do it so well.

Margaret B. Lawlor

(I am always happy to receive mail from all of you. Some letters are filled with helpful suggestions and others are, like Margaret's, much appreciated recognition. I will always try to honor the authors and artists who submit their works to Oracle because we all have a common goal, to honor RenÚ as an actor and an artist. I'm sure he would want me to thank each of you for such kind words and open admiration.)

Dear Oracle members,

Although you are all primarily focused on RenÚ Auberjonois we wanted to advice you about the friends of Vedek Bareil - the international coalition campaign to return Bareil to DS9. We feel that regardless of other story lines, it was not necessary to kill off Bareil who was a wonderful character with good attributes.

In a few short weeks the campaign has reached clubs, stores, conventions, and individuals throughout the United States, Canada, and now Europe. We have also developed a volunteer staff on both coasts of the US. And we can be contacted via an e-mail address.

We hope that you will join us in our campaign. Philip Anglim had indicated to me in a letter which I had received March 8th that if Bareil was revived it would be "a happy event" for him. We believe many fans feel the same way.

May Bareil be returned to us soon!

Gayle-Lynne Gordon,
Friends of Vedek Bareil
4919 Murietta Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Gayle Lynne Gordon

Dear Lisa please tell Oracle members:

Vedek Bareil, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cleric played by talented actor Philip Anglim, was a character many of us admired. We know that he was portrayed with gentle serenity, but was a well rounded character. He was a man of peace, faith, commitment, intelligence, simplicity and humility. He had great courage. We also know he was sexy and loving. He certainly brought out the feminine, loving side of Major Kira. Obviously the soldier and priest had something special to bring about their love.

There are many of us who were shocked and saddened by the apparent demise of this character in the "Life Support" episode. Some of us are even haunted by this episode; and many of us desire Bareil's return.

Keeping in mind that he was never seen actually dead, and was never pronounced dead, there is a chance in the world of Star Trek that he could be revived.


Mr. Rick Berman
Executive Producer:
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Paramount Studios
555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

If more than one of you wishes to write, please write separate letters to Mr. Berman, as numbers matter in television. Tell him why you like the character. Also, be sure to tell him that you desire Mr. Anglim to resume playing the character. If Bareil returns, Mr. Anglim is not adverse to assuming the role again.

Susan Haws

II agree with the Friends of Vedek Bareil that such a wonderful character came to an end to soon just as K'hlar on TNG was so stupidly terminated. Both has such positive and productive futures as catalysts in their respective programs that their demise seemed unthinkable. I would like to encourage the members of Oracle to write to the powers that oversee DS9 series development. It may be too late for K'hlar but we may still be able to influence the fate of Vedek Bareil through your letters and the Friends of Bareil e-mail campaign address: schaeffe@mail.loc.gov.)

Dear Lisa,

I love Oracle!! You did an outstanding job. It arrived on a day that wasn't going very well and really cheered me up. You even made my stuff look great! How did Oracle get it's name? I have been asked that several times by people I have told about this fan club. I recently saw a mention of Oracle in cyberspace, so it is becoming know. Please publish Paramount's address to make it easier to write to RenÚ. I had to look it up to write him a thank you note for the autographed picture. It is:

RenÚ Auberjonois
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Barbara Schoedel

(Thanks Barbara! I really appreciate the compliments and thank you for sending the reviews and the letter. Your input is always welcome and greatly anticipated by me. I think we all enjoy reading reviews to stimulate us to watch and analyze RenÚ's work. He has such a variety of dramatic and comedic roles to choose from on TV, theater, and movies that we could do a newsletter solely on them. Thanks to RenÚ, we have the privilege of knowing his thoughts on each of them. Just ask. If you have questions, send them in. We will resume answering them in the next Oracle. Don't be bashful, we love reading his replies! By the way I came up with words for the first three initials ORA, Official RenÚ Auberjonois. Isn't that original, but neither of us could think of really good words for the rest so RenÚ decided that the name Oracle is a good name in itself. Can any of you think up words for each letter, send in your suggestions?)

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