Still friends after all these conventions and loving it. Life is good.

Again, we find our heroes on stage together. This time they are in Pasadena California entertaining a crowd of several thousand excited fans. Can our heroes answer all of their questions? Can they stay in humor even though they have been working eighteen hours straight before arriving on stage? Will the audience laugh at their jokes? Answers to these questions after this lengthy pause....

Armin and René walk on stage to screams of delight from the entire auditorium.

Armin: Do we look like what you thought we looked like? (audience yells, yes) We've been to too many conventions.

René: (Shielding the light from his eyes, he surveys the audience.) My goodness. Wow! Thanks for coming here guys, it's great to see you. This is fantastic. (Applause from everyone out there.) How's it been?

René: I know Armin wants to open this up right away for questions. He thinks I talk too much. I'm never going to let him forget this. How do you want to do this? (He turns to Armin for suggestions.)

Armin: I understand there are two microphones open to take questions. No, there's just one. Because of the extend of the crowd and because we are really deaf, it would be better if you ask us from the microphone. that would be a little bit easier situation.

René: Then you can hear what the questions are. So, the microphone is over there. As you think of a question, you can get on over there and we can get things started.

Armin: In the meantime, I know what the first question is. I'll answer it before anybody asks it. It takes two and a half hours for me and...

René: Two hours for me. (question) Are we the two silliest of the cast? (René and Armin look at each other and hesitate and then answer together.) Yes!

Armin: I would say that's true. We are the silliest.

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