Welcome, one and all, to another issue of Oracle. This is a picture of René at the 1994 San Diego Creation Convention greeting the audience. All pictures not credited were taken by yours truly. This issue we have the pleasure of seeing the work of three artists and two writers who volunteered their time and talent to Oracle. If you wish to submit art or articles to this newsletter, please send them to the address at the bottom of the previous page. If there is not room this time, there will be room in the next issue. It will concentrate on René's early theater work and reviews from people like yourselves. We wish to encourage you to participate, it really is fun!!

The drawing to your left was sent to me by René to be included here for all to see. Unfortunately it was not signed and he doesn't know who the artist is. Please include your name on submissions sent to us and especially to René. He wants to know who you are and I need to know who to credit for such wonderful art as we are seeing here in the pages of Oracle. He collects the artwork people send him and puts each one in a scrap book. Being an artist himself, he understands that someone put their heart and soul into each piece he receives.

If you feel that Deep Space Nine and it's stars are not being promoted enough on television you can help most by writing to:

Kerry McLuggage
President, Television Group
Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Write positive and write often. Letters count a great deal but do not mention Oracle in your letter.

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