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Dear Founder of this Organization:

I was recently informed, by a source I cannot, for lack of information, identify, that a fan club for RenÚ Auberjonois had been sanctioned. Naturally, I was innately curious. I don't usually involve myself too much in the Star Trek fan circuit (if there really is such a thing) but the case of Mr. Auberjonois is different. When I first started watching Deep Space Nine, and the fan complex really started to set in, I went out and researched the guy's filmography and spent a cool fifty bucks (over several weeks) renting everything he'd ever been in. I've paid real money to see him, and will do so again at the October 9 San JosÚ Creation Convention. This is not an everyday phenomenon for me.

Any how, having confessed my compulsiveness, which has fortunately not reached neurosis yet (and I know a few people; for whom it has) I will proceed to request information concerning this long-awaited organization. In other words, sign me up, baby! Here I come, ready or not! Cowabunga! I await your reply.

Stephanie Moore

(Thanks for the input Stephanie, I did the same thing. I am afraid, however, that the neurosis you refer to has taken a firm hold on me. I have collected hundreds of articles and reviews about those movies, theatrical performances, and TV programs that RenÚ has appeared in. It is not quite an obsession but is definitely a hobby. I will impart several such items in this newsletter as time goes on. You are not alone and welcome aboard!)

Dear Lisa,

I have been an admirer of RenÚ for most of my 14 years, even though I did not know who he really was. That statement sounds a bit strange, but what I meant by it was that I have seen RenÚ in many different things and been impressed by his acting so many times without really knowing it was all the same person. When he appeared on DS9, I was sure that I had seen him before, and I looked through my movie collection. It turns out that I had 8 different films that he starred or played in. When I watched DS9 more, I realized what a wonderful actor he was, and there my fandom truly began.

Elizabeth Venable

(At about your age, I truly became a fan of Star Trek the original series. I believe that is also the time my interest in science intensified and my appreciation for writing and acting on TV became more than mere viewing pleasure. I found that I began to distinguish between good writing and acting that affected my emotions and made me consider many of my beliefs and weak imitation that left me unsatisfied and disappointed. I anxiously await any submission you have time to write. It will be included and enjoyed by all members of Oracle because the perspective of youth is something we all try to recapture as time wears on.)


For all of you letter writers out there, something has come to my attention that you may wish to know about. Apparently the case members of DS9, just like the rest of us, must go through a job performance review process. Part of it includes the amount of letters they receive from fans like you and me. My advice is to write letters to RenÚ at Paramount Studios, the DS9 producers specifically saying how much you appreciate RenÚ and Odo, write magazines (Starlog, Cinescape, Communicator, and other science fiction information publications), and never overlook the Internet in it's influence on the powers that be at Paramount. They read, they listen they formulate their next move on your response to the actor and character most enjoyed. Write and post your positive opinions openly and frequently to these sources.

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