Question: Are you more content with the writing on Deep Space Nine this year as opposed to the last two years?

Answer: I've always loved the writing on DS9, but I do feel that, just as The Next Generation got better and better as each year went on, our show has gotten stronger and stronger. Not only because of the writing, but also because the actors have been able to develop their characters and the process of collaboration has become clearer and stronger. But, definitely the writing is, I think, at it's peak. I think the producers feel that way and I know Paramount feels that way. I spoke to Kerry McLuggage the night of the premier of Voyager and he expressed the opinion that he feels that this season DS9 is the best it's ever been and probably as strong as any Star Trek season has ever been. I think we all feel that way. I think Ira Bare has really done an outstanding job in sort of helping the writing this year. I feel very happy about it as I feel we all do.


Question: Do you feel the caliber of DS9 will remain as good as it is now after Voyager goes on line?

Answer: I don't think the one has anything to do with the other. If we're going to stay good, that's up to us and our writers and producers because it's two separate teams. I don't think one will effect the other. I would be less than candid if I didn't say that I think we're going to be the Cinderella show. I think Paramount, because they're using Star Trek: Voyager to start their new network, is going to put a lot of power behind that show. I think we'll be sort of left to drift, a little bit. I think all of us have that concern. But, I think we'll just have to prove ourselves on our own merits and I don't feel any competition with Voyager in that sense. The actors on it are wonderful, a lot of them are good friends of mine. I wish them nothing but the best. I hope that Deep Space Nine has a lot of life left in it and that's up to us to prove that and up to the fans to support us. So, let's hope that happens.


Question: Do you have much input on your character?

Answer: I've spoken about this at conventions a number of times. The writing on Star Trek has always been very precise. It is never anything that you just arbitrarily change a few words here and there. The script supervisor has this expression, DLP, Dead Letter Perfect, which is what we have to be when we do our lines. But, as in any show that goes for more than one season, as the seasons progress and the actors become more and more strongly identified with their characters and as the audience comes to recognize who those actors are in those roles, the writers also begin to see what the actors can bring to a character and they begin to write to the actor's particular strengths. So, in that sense, it becomes more collaborative as things progress and that's the kind of input that we have. We don't really have the kind of input where we say, "I want to do this," or"I want to do that." I wouldn't want that kind of input, frankly. I love the challenge each week of opening the new story and discovering something new about my character or about the other characters in the show. It's what makes it fun to do the show and challenging for more than one season. I hope that continues.


Question: If there were to be a companion in the future for Odo, would you rather it be Kira or someone not yet introduced?

Answer: Well, if you're asking Odo that question, the answer would be, Odo wants it to be Kira. But, I think that's not likely to happen. It's an unrequited love scenario. It's a kind of a Cerano Debergerac story where I would imagine that Kira will never really come to know of Odo's true feelings about her. I'm not so concerned about who the companion would be. I think it's always interesting to see when a character has very deep feelings for another character. It's not really important, I mean, I can't imagine Odo walking around with a girl friend or wife or a steady partner. I think what's interesting are his feelings about Kira and I hope that continues.

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