Where will you see René in the coming months?

Artwork courtesy of Janet D'Airo

Listen for René and Ed Asner on your local PBS station in a radio play "Lazarus Laughed". It is a two and a half hour production. Check your listings or call your local station for times or to see if they will carry it.

Watch for the audio novel "Warped" due out in bookstores this month. It is a Deep Space Nine novel that René narrates. What a treat.

If you never watch soap operas, now is the time to try. René's daughter, Tessa, is beginning her acting career in New York on "Another World." She plays the girl friend of one of the young men on the show and René says that she plays a good girl. Watch closely for her in between glimpses of the O.J. trial.

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Artwork courtesy of Janet D'Airo

Included in the next publication: An interview with René about directing his first episode.

René's Q and A returns.

Transcript of René and Armin on stage together at the Creation Grand Slam.

Watch for a guest interview with another member of the cast, just to see what it was like being directed by René.

More info on upcoming appearances and events with René.

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