When I started this project, I had no idea how much work went into producing a newsletter and keeping up with all the communications that come my way these days. I thought that I would be writing everything but, several people have been kind enough to contribute their time and talent to Oracle and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts.

Margaret Lawlor sent a fantastic piece of art work, which appears on the front cover of this issue, backstage to RenÚ at the San JosÚ Convention and he was so thrilled that he wanted it in this issue of Oracle. I hope that what you see is a reasonable representation of the original. It is magnificent pencil portrait and RenÚ still has it and enjoys it.

Barbara Schoedel sent a letter saying that she would write a movie review if she could find the time. She found the time to do not only a collection of four reviews but a convention review as well. Thanks for making the effort to help out.

If you read other fan club newsletters, you have seen the talent of Janet D'Airo. Her cartoons are the most wonderful I have ever seen and she was excited to contribute something to help RenÚ. Janet's art is appreciated everywhere it is found, especially here, in the pages of Oracle for us to enjoy.

RenÚ, on stage in San Diego, tells of his passion
for Odo and helping others through charities

Thanks to everyone who sent in such interesting questions for RenÚ to answer. All of you who send in questions and letters are the people who will make this club succeed.

Gayle Stever was kind enough to reveal her experience with RenÚ at the San JosÚ Convention and I am happy to leave any writing project in her capable hands. She is an experienced and valuable resource for us and she is always there to talk to when I need advice about the club.

Two other sources of inspiration have been Kathy Bayne of Oasis fame and Mark Wilson from The Last Outpost, The Star Trek Club of Hawaii. They always have answers to my questions and suggestions to help me along the way to complete this newsletter. Thanks to all of you new members for joining. I know that I will hear more from you in the future and maybe we can meet each other one day and chat about what is to come.

Special thanks to RenÚ Auberjonois for allowing me to be involved in making Oracle a reality. It has been a challenging and satisfying experience and RenÚ has been incredibly tolerant throughout the entire process. Even with his brutal schedule, he always communicates his ideas to me. I just hope I can live up to his standards and yours.

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