San JosÚ Will Never Be The Same After RenÚ And Armin Appear On Stage Together

I had the great fortune of attending the Creation Convention in San JosÚ California this last year when RenÚ and Armin appeared on stage together. It was the best convention I have ever seen since I began attending eight years ago. They are obviously such good friends that sharing the stage seemed natural and welcome for both of them. They joked and teased and laughed with each other and the audience for nearly an hour and a half. If they should do another convention together, anywhere in the country, I will be there to enjoy them. Even though you may have missed the opportunity, I thought you might like to read some of what went on and maybe find the time to see them if lightning strikes twice. I can't wait!

(Wild applause and cheers from the audience as RenÚ and Armin walk on stage.)

RenÚ: (in Odo's voice) Settle down out there. (applause reluctantly dies away)

Armin:Two hours (he points to RenÚ), three hours. (Armin points to himself)

RenÚ: (RenÚ laughs) He's playing Jeopardy with you. What is the question to the question? Boy, this is gonna be weird. This is the first time we've ever done this. You'll have to bear with us. He's probably not going to let me get a word in edgewise.

Armin: You got that right. (pause) Any questions? (short pause, no response from the audience) RenÚ, let's go home. We got to go home now. (laughter from the audience)

RenÚ: Well, we should maybe give them a little run down. You've all seen the first two episodes. (applause and shouts) Great. Well, I gotta tell you one thing. I said he's not going to let me get a word in edge wise. I just want to say one thing. Don't miss next weeks', "House of Quark." I'm quoting Rick Berman when I say, he thinks it's one of the best shows we've ever done. It's incredible.

 RenÚ and Armin entertain the fans in San JosÚ. RenÚ and Armin

Armin: Thanks RenÚ, that's very sweet of you.

RenÚ: That's the last sweet thing I'll say.

Armin: He's a nice guy.

RenÚ: What?

Armin: Nice.

RenÚ: Nice.

Armin: We have our own luminosity. (shouts and applause from RenÚ and the audience)

RenÚ: You find yours, I'll find mine. (laughter from the audience) We should probably open it up for questions. (audience shouts for pictures) Pictures? (RenÚ puts his arm around Armin's shoulder and bends down to appear shorter. The audience laughs and flashes away.)

Armin: You won't see this anywhere else. (laughs and applause continue)

RenÚ: Never again. You see, I wear these shoes that make me even taller. I'm really much shorter than he is.

Armin: Put that on the Internet. (laughter and applause) So, who's going to ask the first question? Other wise, we go home. Yeah.

Question: Will Odo bring home a love interest?

RenÚ: Will Odo bring home a love interest? What a question? There he is. (He points into the audience and they laugh) You know, one of the things I'm sure Armin tells you, whenever you say, 'Will something happen', the answer is usually we don't know. I was talking to Armin backstage. We have the first three acts to next weeks' episode, and that's all we have right now. All we know is that it's called "Fascination", it's directed by Avery Brooks, and Lwaxana Troi comes back, (applause and cheers from the audience). And that's all we know. We don't know how it ends.

Armin: Everyone seems to be falling in love so we were asking each other who do we fall in love with?

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