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My Best Friend is a Vampire

Where the Buffalo Roam



This is a delightful comedy adventure directed by Jimmy Huston. Teenager Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard) and his best friend Ralph (Evan Mirand) attempt to get girls. On a midnight date Jeremy is bitten by a beautiful woman, who is a vampire. A professor (David Warner) and his assistant are chasing down all vampires and killing them. They chase Ralph by mistake. Modoc (René Auberjonois plays Jeremy's 264 year old guide to living the life of a vampire. The movie plot is similar to Once Bitten, but has it's own fast-paced story. This one is worth renting. There is no plot in this movie set in the Nixon era. Dr. Hunter "Gonzo" Thompson (Bill Murray) writes about his lawyer Carl Lazlo (Peter Boyle), who shows up in his life every now and then. Harris from the Post (René Auberjonois) sits next to Gonzo on a plane during a political junkie. Gonzo gives him pills for his headache and he ends up in his underwear in the plane bathroom. Gonzo spends his time drunk and on drugs and Lazlo is crazy. René is great! The rest of the movie is small gags.

Police Academy 5

The Player



In great slap-stick Police Academy style, this adventure directed by Alan Myerson pits the gang against diamond thieves. Commandant Lassard (George Gaynes) travels to Miami Beach to be named Officer of the Decade at a police convention. He takes the rest of the gang along. The thieves, led by Troy (René Auberjonois) also travel to Miami. Troy's bag containing the jewels gets switched with Lassard's identical bag at the airport. After many attempts to get their bag back, the thieves kidnap Lassard, who thinks he's part of a police procedure demonstration. The gang rescue him using air-boats and jet skis. René creates a great comedy bad guy. This is escapism at it's best. A Hollywood writer is killed by a Hollywood executive (Tim Robbins), who thinks the writer was harassing him for not using his stories in movies. He killed the wrong guy. The executive worries about being caught for the death, but not much about the real harasser. Lots of stars show up in the cast and in cameos. René Auberjonois is listed in the credits as appearing as himself, but is not to be seen. Robert Altman, the director, said many stars ended up on the cutting room floor in a blurb at the end of the movie. This is an interesting look at the Hollywood system of making movies, but is not very good story telling.

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