by Frank Backstrom

"The Defiant" looked very interesting when the promotion material arrived. Jonathan Frakes is back as Wil Riker, or is he?!!

When I watched the show, I found it entertaining. The pacing was good and the actors are comfortable with their characters. What a tie in with the movie being out, not to mention sweeps week, everyone was wondering what happened to the crew of the Enterprise.

As I watched, I felt the episode was faced with time limitations. If it could be made into a two-parter the writers could have had more time to expand the story. Something's just can't be pushed. Of course, they're concerned about budgets and audience attention spans, but it would have been well worth the effort.

There is only so much one can tell in an hour format that's really forty-two minutes long with commercials. Well into the show, after Riker confiscates the Defiant, we soon realize he's Thomas Riker, Wil's transporter twin, Maquis renegade. With Kira as a hostage and conscious, he embarks on a mission to attack a secret Obsidian shipyard. A shipyard even the Cardassians don't know exists.

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Your President, Lisa Wilcox, mentioned how strange that the Maquis would be able to get their hands on some pretty top secret information.

Could Tom Riker have been on a Federation mission to find out what was in that shipyard? It seemed pretty desperate to attack a secret shipyard just for the sake of ego.

It would have been a perfect cover. Undercover Federation officer posing as a Marquis renegade who stole the Federation's only ship with a cloaking device.

The show was purely for ratings. An effective tie in for the movie. Basically a shoot 'em up. I enjoy a good action show, ex. The Best of Both Worlds I and II, but I also enjoy a show that makes you think.

Frank Backstrom

I agree with Frank on the possibility that Tom Riker may have been acting under cover. It fits his personality to infiltrate an organization like the Maquis for such a mission at the behest of Starfleet. It also makes his release more likely. Perhaps Starfleet will one day make a deal that will release Tom Riker from prison to return, once again, to Deep Space Nine.

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