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"Nose to Nose" by Chris Bichler

Odo-Files Journal
#1 & 2

"Drawing by Tracy Hemenover"

According to Lisa Wilcox, president of ORACLE, it all started when René saw a fanzine of Andy Robinson's that was being sold for charity. René then approached Lisa and asked her if she thought such a 'zine could be put together with fanfic about Odo. Lisa got the word out to folks like our website designer, Carolyn Fulton and, well, the rest is history!

René's first 'zine, the original Odo-Files Journal: Stories & Art Selected by RenÚ Auberjonois, debuted on October 3, 1998, just in time for the 1998 Weekend on the Promenade. The 'zine features an introduction by René, and each copy is autographed by him. "Their Way" by Tracy Hemenover

Odo-Files Journal #2: Stories & Art Selected by RenÚ Auberjonois, first published in July 2000, features many of fanfic's best-known Odo and O/K (shorthand for "Odo/Kira") authors and artists, plus an introductory, individually autographed cartoon by RenÚ.

All profits from sales of Odo-Files Journal #1 and 2 benefit DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS, a non-profit organization providing medical assistance to people in need without regard for their countries' political affiliations. Winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize for Peace, DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS delivers life-saving aid in over 80 countries around the world.

"Changling Love God #1" by Chris Bichler

Each issue of this fanzine is available for $15.00 plus $3.00 postage and handling. If you'd like to order Odo-Files Journal #1 or #2, send your check or money order, made out to ORACLE ($18 for one or only $34 for both), to:

PO Box 16296
Minneapolis, MN 55416-0296

(We also welcome payment via PayPal;
write to Marguerite for details.)

It's a great 'zine, and the money goes to help a great cause! (Plus it makes a great gift for your favorite Odo fan.) So send in your order today!

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