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Finding René on
Social Networks

If you are a user of Twitter, perhaps you've already noticed how active René has become there!

We established a Twitter account
( ) for René a couple of years ago that Marguerite has used to post updates about René's activities -- Tweet-length versions of the sort of news we post on our Latest News and Events page. But starting in August 2014, René began writing Tweets himself and generally having fun interacting with his fans.

If you're on Twitter, come check out the conversation!

If you are a user of Facebook or Tumblr, please be aware that René is not active on those services.

One member of René's fan club, ORACLE, has set up an excellent Tumblr account that René is aware of and enjoys, which you can find at therene.tumbler.

As for Facebook, several people have set up "celebrity" pages there using René's name. However, René himself isn't participating in any way on Facebook -- he's not contributing material, not reading messages, etc. Any photos or bits of information that appear on Facebook were collected by the account owners from various sources around the Web.

Questions or concerns? Write to the René's Page website manager, Marguerite. Thanks!

This page is maintained by Marguerite Krause

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