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More notes from René's calendar...

At the Meadowlands Slanted Fedora convention in early January 2004, René raised $500 for Doctors Without Borders. Thanks to all the generous fans who bought an autograph from René to support this worthy charity!

A new, direct-to-video animated version of Geppetto will start recording in December, with René and his friend Armin Shimerman in the cast. More details to come!

René was one of the readers at the January 14 opening night performance of this season's "Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story" at Symphony Space in New York City. A nice article about the event appeared in the New York Times.

One of René's early projects with director Robert Altman, the film Images, has recently been released on DVD, and the reviews posted on Amazon are intriguing, to say the least. Visit via the link on the front page of René's Page to read more about it.

The cartoon series Xiaolin Showdown has been picked up for another 13 episodes, and René will continue to do the voice of the character Master Fung. Stay tuned for news of when and where this series evenutally will be shown.

As a result of the recent Screen Actors' Guild elections, René was chosen to be "first alternate" to the Board of Directors, so he expects to be attending a number of meetings in months to come.

René has accepted the role of "Crouch" in the upcoming Broadway revival of Larry Gelbart's Sly Fox. Read more about it on our Upcoming Events page!

Another voice character for René: he recently recorded the role of "Dr. Door" for a new cartoon series, The Immigrants. Watch for further news about when and where this series will air.

René was one of the guests at Creation Entertainment's huge Star Trek convention is Las Vegas the weekend of August 1-3. In addition to its other activities, the con featured a Sunday morning breakfast and auction (with many items donated and autographed by René) which raised $13,000 for charity.

The audiobook Still Life with Crows, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, is now available. It's a creepy murder-mystery novel, masterfully read by René, set in a small town in Kansas during a stretch of hot August weather. Remember: if you order books (or videos or anything else) from, go to Amazon via the link on the front page of René's Page, and a small portion of the money you spend will come back to help support this site.

On June 7, René read the famous St. Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V as part of a Los Angeles Master Chorale concert celebrating music of the movies. For further details, see the article at Trek Today.

In mid-May, René began work on a new cartoon series, Xiaolin Showdown. His character is "...Master Fung, an elderly mentor/teacher to a magic Dragon..." When we learn more about the series and when it might air, we'll post the information here.

The DVD of Snide and Prejudice was released by Image Entertainment on June 17. Be sure to check the menu for some extra treats -- the "director's commentary" audio track featuring René and his co-star Angus MacFayden is amazing! The DVD's UPC number is 014381021127.

Please stop in every video store that you pass and in particular, Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, and ask if they have the DVD available to rent. Loyal fans need to get the grass roots effort going -- the more you talk it up to your friends and to the retail community, the more the word will get out about this extraordinary film.

Read a synopsis of the story or visit the website of the director of photography for several in-depth reviews.

At the end of March, René recorded another audiobook by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston, Still Life With Crows. According to, both the audiobook and hard cover editions of the novel are scheduled for release in July 2003.

Also in March, René filmed a small, comic cameo role in a new independent film, Eulogy. Other members of the cast include Rip Torn, Deborah Winger, Hank Azaria, Ray Romano, Winona Ryder, Piper Laurie, and Zooey Deschenal. René describes his character as the "drunk, slightly hysterical" Parson Bankee.

René read Murray Bail's story "The Drover’s Wife" on the radio program Selected Shorts, which aired across the country the week of March 15 to 21. If you missed it, some Selected Shorts programs are avaiable for sale as audio cassettes; check the Symphony Space website for a complete listing (one of René's earlier readings is in Volume XIII).

The DVD version of the Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are now available, with Season 3 due out this summer. To see a promotional trailer about the first DVD, visit the Star Trek UK Website. The DVDs are available for preorder from many online merchants, including both the American and Canadian branch of, the SuperDuperClub, the Canadian ThunderDVD site, or Best Buy, which is a bit more expensive than some of the other sites, but offers a "bonus" disk that is advertised to contain additional "rare" promotional material and cast interviews from before and during each season.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Dance of the Vampires closed on January 25. We have links to a final couple of reviews and news articles on the Vampires section of René's Page.

The audiobook The Cabinet of Curiosities, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and read by René, is now available. You can read about it at the TimeWarner Web site. Remember: if you order books (or videos or anything else) from, go to Amazon via the link on the front page of René's Page, and a small portion of the money you spend will come back to help support this site.

During June, René did more voice recording as the evil character "Scarab" in the cartoon The Mummy, and in July he'll record another role (he's already played several different villains for them) for the ongoing cartoon series The Justice League.

MAY 24: It's official -- this fall, René will be appearing on Broadway in the musical Dance of the Vampires with star Michael Crawford (of Phantom of the Opera fame). René will be playing the role of Professor Abronsius.

According to the production's official Web site, tickets go on sale June 2 (listed prices are $30 to $95). Preview performances are Oct. 14 through November 20, with the official opening on November 21, 2002.

Read more at the Web site for the Minskoff Theatre or in this Playbill article about the production.

On May 4, René read the story "The Drover's Wife" by Murray Bail (an Australian writer) at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles for the NPR program Selected Shorts. Watch this page, or check the Symphony Space schedule, to learn when René's performance will be broadcast.

In early April, René recorded another guest voice for the cartoon series The Justice League, this time as the villian Desaad.

René's guest appearance on Enterprise, filmed at the end of January, aired on April 3. For a description of "Oasis" and a link to an interview with René, visit Trek Today.

The film distributor for Snide and Prejudice, Gary Needle, has this to say about the upcoming DVD release:

"I would like to communicate with those interested in SNIDE AND PREJUDICE. It would be beneficial to establish direct communication to advise each of you exactly what our next steps are. Please pass on any articles or internet information.

"By the way, the DVD will be filled with many extras:
* anamorphic (16 x 9) transfer
* Dolby 5.1 digital
* commentary track with Philippe and Angus
* second commentary track with Angus and Rene, in character
* theatrical trailer
* out takes
* still photo gallery

"That's for starters....

"We are eager to establish a fan base as we complete our DVD marketing plans. Any feedback is appreciated. We know how unique this film is and are doing everything possible to give you a complete package.

"Thank you,
Gary Needle

Write to Mr. Needle if you'd like to be on his mailing list for updates about this DVD release.

In mid-March, René recorded another audiobook, titled The Relic. We'll add more details about this project as they become available.

On February 18-20, René appeared in the Edward Albee play Delicate Balance at The Ford Theatre, with Katherine Helmond, Bonnie Franklin, and Mackenzie Phillips, directed by Gordon Hunt. We'll post a review of the closing night performance soon.

René's new guest appearance on The Practice aired on Sunday, February 10. The episode, called "Pro Se" (Latin that basically means "on one's own behalf"), is about a murder defendant who represents himself before Judge Mantz, rather than using counsel. It's an interesting story with a disturbing ending; if you missed it, watch the show's ABC Web site to find out when they will rerun it.

Snide and Prejudice
"He Couldn't Tell Reich From Wrong"

This 1997 film about an asylum inmate who thinks he's Adolf Hitler ran November 9-16 at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood. (René plays the doctor working with the inmate.) Quoted reviews (from "Variety") say "This film is... witty, abrasive, savagely funny" and "Angus MacFadyen's performance astonishingly vivid characterization."

If you saw it, consider sending us a review to post here on René's Web site. You can read the LATimes review here.

René was an award presenter at the Los Angeles 2001 Ovation Awards at the new Kodak Theatre on Monday, November 12.

René and some of his fellow cast members from last fall's Falcon Theatre production of Ancestral Voices by A. R. Gurney took their show on the road at an assortment of venues all around Southern California. The first performance was Saturday, October 13 -- others followed in January and February 2002.

You can read the Los Angeles Times review of the Falcon Theatre production in their Web site archives, or check out a fan review here on René's Web site.

On Wednesday, October 10, René performed in a staged reading of Oscar Wilde's Lady Windemere's Fan at UCLA's Clark Library with John Lithgow, Lynn Redgrave, Paxton Whitehead, Wayne Knight, and others.

On September 7 and 8, René appeared at the Ferndale Repertory Theatre in northern California in A. R. Gurney’s Love Letters, with Marilyn McCormick. All three performances were sold out for this special event fundraising kick-off for the Rep’s 30th Anniversary Season.

Want to see further examples of René's busy schedule? Skim our list of projects and appearances dating back to May 2000.

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