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René on Television: A Review

Warehouse 13

Review by Mike Moody, posted August 4, 2010
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Robot spiders! Lightsabers! Leisure suits!

I haven't had this much fun with Warehouse 13. since last month's season premiere. This week's engaging episode was loaded with humor, heart and, of course, geeky goodness from start to finish.

We were supposed to be excited about vet Neil Grayston's guest spot as Fargo (part one of a two-part Syfy crossover event that concludes this Friday on Eureka), but I was more thrilled about the prospect of seeing the great René Auberjonois back on TV.  

Hugo's cat drawing

Auberjonois is an institution as far as I'm concerned, and he's easily one of the best character actors to ever grace the tube. DS9 is one of my favorite shows, and his amazing portrayal of the shape shifter Odo really helped convey that series' themes of loss, sacrifice and identity.

Auberjonois played a much less...complicated character in this ep. Actually, he played a character who was split into two halves: one half was trapped inside the Warehouse and functioned as its persnickety fail-safe security system, and the other half was living in a sanitarium and babbling about spinning wheels and koala bears. Somehow, he made it work. Auberjonois made me care about both versions of Hugo Miller, to the point that I started feeling bummed about Artie's plan to trap his brain inside the Warehouse and essentially kill the man in favor of the machine.  

Hugo Miller

Thankfully, Artie had a much more agreeable plan in mind for Hugo in the end, and both halves of his personality were patched back together where they belonged: inside of his balding head….

Other thoughts:

  • Seeing Auberjonois in that mustache and wig reminded me of his character from Benson.
  • How is it that everything Eddie McClintock says is hilarious? I nearly spit out my coffee every time he opened his mouth.
  • This was the first episode of the season that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again.

Warehouse 13 Review:
Eureka, It's a Crossover!

Posted on August 4, 2010 by ViddWizard
Full review at

Fans were treated to a crossover between Eureka and Warehouse 13 on this week's episode of the latter, titled "13.1." 

Childlike Hugo

I liked the character of Hugo Miller, all three versions, the sane one from the end, the crazy one in the middle and Hugo the artificial one. All three were masterfully played by René Auberjonois, who spent many years playing Odo on Deep Space Nine. His comedic timing is sharp as ever, as he had me laughing so hard when Myka and Pete first walked in and he looked up and stuck his tongue out.

Overall, it was a good episode with a great range of emotions from the happy that Hugo was whole again to the sad that Claudia got dumped.

Warehouse 13 meets Eureka: "13.1"
Full review at

...the episode is a fun romp from start to finish. Some of the great highlights include Fargo and Claudia as they Star Wars their way out of danger; René Auberjonois, the guest star who plays both the loopy retiree of the warehouse who has half of his brain fried and the leisure-suit-wearing computer operating system, and the suspenseful, then exhilarating conclusion followed by heartbreak for Claudia.

I'm sure the folks behind this show knew they were likely to get some extra eyes looking in, so they pulled out all the stops in Warehouse 13 fashion.

...Artie gets to console an old comrade, and lets his obvious dislike for Fargo show through even when the young computer genius tries to worm his way into a tender farewell hug. Artie pushes Fargo away--face first--his right hand as two vets say "goodbye." Had me laughing right out loud!

Warehouse 13 "13.1" Review
by Daemon's TV
Full review at 

Hugo One

Mrs. Frederick sends Eureka's Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) to upgrade the warehouse computer system, but the old operating system has other ideas in the "13.1" episode of Warehouse 13. When Fargo tries to bring the new system online, a failsafe is activated after eye probes pop up all over the warehouse and detect a catastrophic failure. Control of the system has passed to Hugo One, the creation of former agent Hugo Miller that actually contains the left half of Hugo's brain. Pete and Myka find the real Hugo at a nearby sanitarium and after a few hiccups bring him back to the Warehouse to undo Hugo One's damage and regain control of the warehouse by putting Hugo's brain back together.... 

Firing the Tesla

While the Eureka crossover is the hook for this episode, it's René Auberjonois as Hugo Miller that makes it for me. As Hugo One, he's all creepy business in his leisure suit, and as the real Hugo, he's a loopy and joyous delight. His giggle as he Teslas Pete and Myka and his skipping dance out of the sanitarium are pure bliss, and his random responses and noises are beyond fun. "Pachoom!" after Pete yells, "that thing is shooting laser beams at us" kills me. Plus, half of his brain has been missing for decades and his first concern after becoming whole again is his neck waddle. Hee.

Pete and Myka face their possible futures when Myka notes that all the former agents they know are "crazy, evil, or dead." Fortunately these agents have each other's backs. "We're not gonna feed a former agent to some pissed off Atari." I have no idea how Pete thought his "look at the bright side; I'm usually within ten feet of you, so whatever terrible thing happens to you probably happens to me, too" could be at all comforting, but I somehow do find it comforting that he always picks rock in rockĐpaperĐscissors.

Other thoughts: "That scary woman with the beehive" is my new favorite description of Mrs. Frederickson, I think I remember having crustless PB&J sandwich, Twinkies, and Doritos lunches as a kid, and doesn't everyone cheat at Battleship? Good artifacts tonight with the Babel stones and the Wertheimer Zoetrope. Creepy metal spiders, too.

All in all, a fun and successful crossover....

Warehouse 13 Comments
by Lynne Transue

Recently, René Auberjonois was featured in an episode of Warehouse 13. I was really excited when I heard about this because I already watched the show faithfully. I really enjoyed this episode. I especially appreciated the dual role that René played in the show: that of the "innocent" child of what is left of Hugo Miller's brain and the image of the computer that I like to call "Clayton in a leisure suit"--the part that stole his brain.  

Hugo Miller

I was fascinated by the childlike character. I could just imagine Mr. A. acting like this with his grandchildren and I have seen him draw before so, upon seeing Hugo's drawing of a cat, I knew that René had actually drawn the figure, and not the prop person. I was especially tickled by watching René skip down the sanitorium's garden, eating ice cream, singing, etc. I can imagine that being a grandfather to young children probably helped in his portrayal, and the fact that he is still so youthful -- one can see that he likes to "play" in his characterizations. At the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, René recounted how he had to keep eating ice cream for the different takes. Fortunately, he said he likes vanilla ice cream. It would be interesting to me to find out which of René's previous work the producers used to determine that he would be the one to play the part. I'd love to see that show again.

In an interview seen at monsters and, Warehouse 13's Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly discussed René's visit to the show:

Joanne Kelly: Yeah they kind of left me out to dry.

Eddie McClintock: René Auberjonois plays a love interest for Myka. (in laughter)

Joanne Kelly: Yes, René is sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy man.

Monsters and Critics: Interesting.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah. And it's awesome man, you know, I get to see all these people who, you know, I grew up watching, I mean, René and Lindsay.

Joanne Kelly: And René and Lindsay are both lovely, lovely, lovely human beings and Faran.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, we've had really great experiences with everybody. And I think that...

Joanne Kelly: We've been lucky.

Eddie McClintock: You know, I think that what--we welcome them to the show, I mean we...

Joanne Kelly: We both know what it's like to come in and have a stint on a show and not know anyone and have people in a definite rhythm and I think that both Eddie and I and our producers and everyone really tries to make the set a very open and welcoming place for everybody.

(Note: doesn't it sound like they are married--finishing each other's words?)

René said that he enjoyed working on the episode and that technology has made things different since he was on other shows. The show is shot in video tape and since it is low budget (Wow--what people can do with less money nowadays) it is shot quickly. I can't tell that from this episode, all the portrayals are spot on for a show that has been described as "part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting." (with "borrowing" much from the 1980s television series Friday the 13th: The Series.) (see Wikipedia for references).

I'd like to see him on the show again--or on the show's sister program, Eureka. However, Mr. Auberjonois, in answer to a question from an audience member at the DS9 panel in Las Vegas in August, said that the character seemed to be a one-time appearance.

(Interview excerpt from

Photos courtesy of René Auberjonois

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