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Slanted Fedora Con

Meadowlands, New Jersey
Saturday, January 3, 2004

Big Apple Comic Con

New York, New York
January 24-25, 2004

reports by Katie Prescott

Slanted Fedora

For the first time in my life I can say "I was there." I've wanted to meet René for years and never thought I'd have a chance... I think this is why I love New York, so much better than the small town in England I'm from. Anyway, I found out the hotel wasn't the easiest place to get to on a weekend, but I made it for the Saturday only. I had a great time and it was so great to hear everything these people had to say.  Katie and René

Throughout the morning there were various people talking and other actors were signing in another room. At 1300, René arrived and began to do cartoons for his charity -- of course I got one and was very pleased with it. Then at 1500, he did his go at the question and answers. He answered questions about who his best friend on the show was (Armin), whether or not there will be a film (no), and the end of the show, (which he said was very sad). was mentioned and Marguerite got a clap when her name was mentioned. After the talk he did a signing, which seemed to take forever and then a few people had their photos taken with him, me included. Okay, so it was brief, but the day flew by. I also met Keir Dullea which was great because I love the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Can't wait until my next con.

(René raised $500 for Doctors Without Borders during his autograph sessions at Meadowlands--Marguerite)

Big Apple Comic Con

I went to the comic con, and yet again I met René very briefly -- couldn't stay too long for the fear of spending all the money I had on things I didn't really need. It took me a while to find René. When I found him, he had been placed right by a table with female boxers or something, who where pumping out very loud music, but René was nodding along to the music and there were plenty of people around his table. When I started looking at the photos, he was on the phone, so I smiled and he winked.... Several people were asking him questions and one person was trying to get his e-mail address or something, so he gave out and said it's a great site. I asked how much the photos were, he said $10, so I picked a drawing of the Chef from The Little Mermaid. He said the $10 went to Doctors Without Borders, his charity. I smiled and he signed, I said thank you and take care, and left him to the rest of his fans.

(René sat and signed autographs for part of each day at this collectors' convention, and raised $1,200 for Doctors Without Borders over the course of the weekend--Marguerite)

Photo provided by Katie Prescott

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