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Here are two other great options for keeping "in the know" when it comes to René and his career:

  • Announcement List
  • RAFL -- the René Auberjonois Fan(fic) List

The Announcement List is our René's Page mailing list, used to announce news and events in René's career, changes to this website, and more! To subscribe, simply point your browser to:

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RAFL - the René Auberjonois Fan(fic) List - is the place for you if you're tired of nothing but spam in your e-mail box, and you like to talk about René ... his roles ... fanfic ... your pets ... your other fave shows ... convention appearances ... graduation ... heck, we're a close-knit group that chats about a whole lot of stuff, but mostly about RenÚ and the great characters he plays! We also post fanfic from time to time -- and we're always eager for more!

To subscribe to RAFL, all you need is to click on the link below, and follow the simple instructions.

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After you have joined, someone will contact you to welcome you, and give you further details on how to best enjoy your RAFL membership!

If you have any trouble signing on to RAFL, please e-mail me (Marguerite), and I'll make sure you get on board!

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