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On this page, you'll find questions and answers (most recent at the top) related to René's voice performances in such things as video games and audiobooks. For questions and answers on other subjects, or to ask a question of your own, go to our "Ask René a Question" page.

Happy reading!

A question from Mike A.:

Dear RenÚ,
I certainly admire your work on
Benson and Boston Legal, I wanted to personally commend you on the voice you give to FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast, in the audio books of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The voice and your interpretation of his demeanor certainly brings this character to life for me. When I go back to read the books, it's your voice that I hear when Pendergast speaks.

Have you been approached to do other audio books for them?

Dear Mike-
Thanks so much for your kind words regarding the Pendergast books. I'm sure you're aware that I've done several in the series. I haven't been asked to read any of their other books.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here January 11, 2009

A question from Terencio:

Dear Mr Auberjonois,
I've been a fan of yours since about '85 or so when I discovered
Big River, and someone said, "That's the guy from Benson." More recently I find myself watching animation and and telling everyone in the room, "That's Rene Auberjonois!". They say, "Who?" and I say, "The guy from Benson", or if they are of a geekier group, "Odo."

Your voice seems to be everywhere, and I was wondering, how did you rise to be such a prolific voice actor? From The Last Unicorn to Little Mermaid to Avatar, if it wins awards, you seem to be doing a voice or voice over. Is it a small community, or are you simply a very sought after voice?

Dear Terencio-
The truth is, I do relatively little voice work (compared to some colleagues who do it on an almost daily basis) and it is not a small community. Many actors supplement their "on screen" work, or concentrate all their efforts on voice work.

I have been fortunate in that I've been offered the opportunity to work on some very high quality projects.

Thanks for your interest.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here July 1, 2007

A question from Estie:

Rene, I just want to say I love your work. I have The Last Defender of Camelot, Unicorn Variation, Still Life with Crows, and one or two other audio books that you read. I really enjoy my audiobooks and I listen to them over and over.

I do have one question though and here it is: Do you pick the books that you read as audiobooks because you have already read and liked them or do you just get asked to do them as a job and not actually pick any particular books that you want to record? My parents have always liked reading and encouraged me, my brother, and two sisters to read also. My mom even used to read some books onto cassettes when we were kids so we could listen to some of our favorite books when she didn't have time to read them right when we wanted her to. I also have an old tape of my grandmother reading some kids' books to one of my younger sisters. I am thinking about copying the tapes and sending copies to one of my sisters because maybe my nieces would like to listen to them for fun. Sorry, didn't mean to get long winded, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your voice. Hope you keep it up. Thanks.

Dear Estie-
What a nice message! I love the fact that your family recorded stories. You really should send them to your sister for her kids. What a nice legacy to hand down.

Regarding you question about the books I read... I don't choose the books. I just wait for a publisher to ask me to record a book... then, if I like it, I do it.

Keep on listening-
renÚ a.

Posted here July 1, 2007

A question from Chris K.:

It's exciting to be able to speak to a talented, famous actor like this. It's a great thing you're doing here for your fans!

My question is: I seem to remember rather faintly a credit to you in the U.S. version of the video game Suikoden IV, as the voice of "Colton," though I haven't found anything online (including this site!) to confirm it. Colton's voice was so distinctive, however, that I refuse to believe it to be anyone else. Were you the voice of Colton, or is there someone out there who's a masterful RenÚ impressionist?

I must end this message with a comment: the name "Auberjonois" is without a doubt the most beautiful surname I've ever heard. Truly befitting of royalty!

Dear Chris-
Oh my! I wish I could help you out with this. I don't recall the name of that character, or game for that matter. In truth, I've been at this for sooo long that there a number of "gigs" that have slipped through the cracks... sometimes it's a blessing.

Thanks for your kind words.

renÚ a.

Posted here November 1, 2006

A question from Karl:

Is "Lazarus Laughed" available in any recorded form?

Dear Karl-
I vaguely remember that production...a short radio piece by Bay Area Radio Drama... but I don't know if it's for sale. All I can suggest is: Google it!

Good luck,
renÚ a.

Posted here March 6, 2006

A question from Marsha:

i am a big fan of janos audron and i am wondering where i can get a doll or something like it or a poster of him i also want a picture of kain and raziel and i would like very much for a address for a fan club so please help me with this okay? i have played and finished all the games and would like to know when the new one or if there is a new one coming out thank you very much. i was also wondering if they could or should make a movie or tv show of the soul reaver games that would be great. and a book too. that would be nice.

Dear Marsha-
I'm glad you've enjoyed the Soul Reaver games. I wish I could help you with your desire to find pictures and posters...unfortunately, I'm sure you know more than I do about the subject.

renÚ auberjonois

Posted here January 17, 2006

A question from Eric D, on behalf of Darryl D and Joey S:

Please, please tell me you're going to get into more video game work. The dialogue and voice acting are pretty atrocious as far as artistic standards go.

I'm an avid gamer and I have been since the release of the original NES system in America. My brothers are all also avid gamers, more so than I am at any rate. My brother Darryl was the first one to come up with the Legacy of Kain series, and we absolutely love you. Your work, especially the hilarious outtakes they included, inspired us to think that, finally, video games would be considered artwork as much as film and stage is today.

Still, especially with recent events, we are concerned that this may be forever in the making. Obviously, there are a lot of games that require relatively little art, and that needs to change. The Legacy of Kain series was working art, a story that flowed, characters that had issues to deal with, and best of all convincing voices to back them up. We need true talent in games to finally have them recognized as a true art form.

Still, I suppose I need to ask questions rather than rant. Are you doing any other voice work for upcoming games and what do you think of games as an art form?

Dear Eric, Darryl and Joey-
Wow! How nice to get such a rave review! Thanks.

I couldn't agree more with your point about the need to have real actors do the voice work for games...if they're ever to be taken seriously as an art form. So don't write me (well yes, do!) but write to the company and make your voice heard.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here August 22, 2005

A question from Nathalie:

I just listened to your welcome message. You made me laugh!

I'm a fan of the Legacy of Kain series, by the way. I like your accent as Janos. And, especially in Defiance, he looks cool too. I wonder, did you ever play one of the Legacy of Kain games yourself? Or did you see anyone else play it?

Dear Nathalie-
I've never had the chance to play the game...or see anyone play it. I really should get around to it some day.

renÚ a.

Posted here February 5, 2005

A question from Laura:

Hi Rene! (I don't know how to do the little accent mark on my computer, sorry!)

You probably get tons of these letters and it's so nice that you read them yourself! Sadly, I'm not much of a science fiction fan but I love theater and you're one of my inspirations. I know lots of people know you as Odo, but I know you as the amazing voice behind my favorite character in my favorite videogame series, Janos Audron from the Legacy of Kain games. I play lots and lots of games, and it's rare to find a character that comes to life as much they do in Legacy of Kain, especially yours, and hard to have a powerful presance though a handful of colored polygons. And yet the character stood out as so unique from the rest. The accent you gave him, what is it? I'm still having trouble figuring it out! Most of my friends say Romanian, but we aren't sure. It would be great if you could clear it up for us!

Dear Laura-
I have no idea what the accent I used for Janos is...I just tried to give a hint of classic vampire without going overboard.

Thanks for your kind words...
renÚ a.

Posted here November 10, 2004

A question from Nathalie:

Hi there

I just wanted to say hi, actually... I'm a fan of the Legacy of Kain series.

There's one thing I'm wondering about, though. I saw some behind the scenes stuff from "Soul Reaver 2" and "Defiance," and you guys always seem to be recording voices at the same time. I've recently read an interview with Antonio Banderas about Shrek 2, and he said that all voices for the movie were recorded separately and he didn't even get to meet some of the other voice actors.

So, do you always record at the same time? It seems to be a lot of fun, though. ;-)

Most of the time we record depends on the project and the actors' availability.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here November 10, 2004

A question from Jo Anne:

I recently bought a copy of your reading of Cabinet of Curiosities. I wasn't familiar with the novel or the authors, but when I saw who was reading it, I decided it would definitely be worth listening to! Your portrayal of the characters, even the minor ones, makes them three-dimensional and gives them such distinct personalities. How did you keep all the voices straight, especially in scenes where several people were conversing?

Moving Through Pregnancy was a fantastic help when I couldn't see my shoes many years ago (talk about "shape-shifting"!), and my husband and I always brought a copy to the Lamaze classes we taught in the early '80s. After flipping through it the first time, the light dawned..."Wait a minute, I think the husband is 'Dago Red'!" Untold numbers of women who have learned how to launch themselves out of a chair in third trimester owe you and Judith a debt of gratitude!

Dear Jo Anne-
Thanks for your kind message. I'm glad you enjoyed the book on tape. I've also recorded the third in the series.

My wife was amused and happy to hear your comments about Moving Through Pregnancy.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here November 10, 2004

A question from Rasheed:

Dear RenÚ,

I am a huge fan of Star Trek and of The Legacy of Kain video games, all I want to do is complete a web site I am building specificaly for LOK fans but I do not know where to go to get voice material from the game to add to my site. Could you give direction?

Secondly, how did you become the infamous vampire Janos Audron?

Dear Rasheed-

I'm afraid I'm no help with the voices you are trying to get for your web site. Sorry!

I do a lot of voices for cartoons and videos...that job came because I often work with the director Gordon Hunt...who happens to be Helen Hunt's dad.

renÚ a.

Posted here November 10, 2004

A question from Kimberly:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,

Hey, can I just say that you're funny? Sorry to say, I'm not all that much of a Trekkie, having been born in the *early* 80's (but my mom was), but I do love the voice characterization that you did on The Legacy of Kain series. Janos Audron is my favorite character from the game. He's darkly beautiful. Do you think that there is going to be an LoK movie, either live action or not, and would you be willing to voice him again?

Dear Kimberly-

Oh dear! Was DS9 that long ago? Well, say hi to your Mom!

Certainly I'd be happy to continue doing the voice of Janos...I have no idea if there'll ever be a film.

Nice to hear from you-
renÚ a.

Posted here May 14, 2004

A question from Ryan R.:

Hello Rene,

I just wanted to say that I have finished Legacy of Kain: Defiance and found your performance of Janos Audron as excellent as I hoped. I hope to see Janos with you giving him his wonderful eloquence in the next game. I would also like to know if you have played any of the Legacy of Kain games, especially the entries that feature Janos.

Dear Ryan-

I'm glad you enjoyed "Legacy". I enjoyed working with Michael Bell and Gordon Hunt (the director) both old friends and colleagues.

I haven't played the game... but I have seen some of the animation, which is excellent.

Best- renÚ auberjonois

Posted here December 16, 2003

A question from Alex:

Hi rene (sorry i can't do the little accent)

I'm just writing to ask wether you have any idea why lokd [Legacy of Kain: Defiance] was delayed and i just pretty much wanted to write to you.

I have no idea why 'lokd' was delayed. Hope it lives up to expectations when you finally get it.

renÚ auberjonois

Posted here December 16, 2003

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