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On this page, you'll find questions and answers (most recent at the top) generally related to the theatre. For questions and answers on other subjects, or to ask a question of your own, go to our "Ask René a Question" page.

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A question from Cassandra:

Hey there! I just found out you played the Professor in Dance of the Vampires. I never actually got the chance to see it, but I've heard snippets of the music. From what I've heard, it sounded great and really funny! I really enjoyed your song about logic (being a Trekkie, I had to laugh and wonder as to whether or not that song had a slight Vulcan influence hehe).

I was just wondering what you thought of the show. Were there any parts you particularly enjoyed or had difficulties with?

Dear Cassandra-
Thanks for your message. Well it's a loooong story about Dance of the Vampires and why it was not a success. Tooo looong to go into here... suffice it to say that it was an example of missed opportunities.

renÚ a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Bill:

I know that there is a connection between RenÚ and The Peninsula Players. I have seen references that indicate he performed there, but I have not been able to find any specifics as to when or what. Can you shed any light?

We vacation in Door County each summer and this has been something we have often wondered about.

Dear Bill-
I worked at The Penninsula Players the summer I graduated from university. I played Mack the Knife in The Threepenny Opera and The Bellhop in Room Service.

I have many fond memories of that time and of the beauty of the countryside.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Deb:

I purchased a picture titled "Rene Auberjonois in Big River 1984". I was wondering if you actually drew this. It looks like a comic sketch of you, but it also looks like the cat in the hat. Thank you in advance for any reply.
p.s. It is a very cool picture.

Hi Deb-
Al Hirschfeld was a great caricaturist and I was honored to be his subject on a number of occasions. The one from Big River was one of his favorites (according to an interview in the NY Times) and I am fortunate enough to own the original.

renÚ a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Mark W.:

I loved the relationship between you and Armin Shimerman in DS9.I thought that you two would be perfect casting for The Odd Couple. Have you ever played, separately or together, Felix or Oscar?

Dear Mark-
I've never done The Odd Couple and, to my knowledge, neither has Armin. I think I'm a bit long in the tooth for that now... perhaps The Sunshine Boys?

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here January 11, 2009

A question from Kim:

Hey RenÚ,
I just finished watching your performance in
King Lear. First off, BRAVO... I really enjoyed it. Your performance was excellent! I was wondering was it fun/tiring jumping around that stage so much? You seemed to be doing A LOT of exuberant body movement.

Dear Kim-
I had a wonderful time doing that production. As for being tired... well, I was much younger then, so, nope... it was just great.

renÚ a.

Posted here November 1, 2006

A question from Loretta:

First, I love RenÚ in the episodes of Frasier, great. Second, was the production of Coco every filmed in its entirety? Is it available today? It would be wonderful to know. I know it's so long ago, but I went as a child with my uncle and it brings back fond memories, since he has now passed away. Thanks a lot.

Dear Loretta-
Yes, Coco was a looong time ago. And, no, it was never filmed. The only record is, well, the record.

All the best-
renÚ a.

Posted here November 1, 2006

A question from Jacky:

I saw you do Twelfth Night on Broadway years ago. What role did you play? I remember what I call the "fool's soliloquy" so well. But what was the role, your character's name?

Dear Jacky-
The role is Malvolio, the head servant to Olivia. The famous soliloquy is known as "The Letter Scene" in which Olivia's uncle, Toby Belch, and several other household members take revenge on Malvolio's arrogance and trick him into believing that "the Letter" he has stumbled upon in the garden is a love letter meant for him from his mistress Olivia.

Thanks for remembering.

renÚ a.

Posted here November 1, 2006

A question from Leatha:

When you do "live" theater, have you ever had difficulties with "stage-fright" nerves (felt very sorry for Lord Olivier and his inability to have any actor look him in the eyes while performing), or do you just breeze into the first act? Are you as superstitious as many? (Knock wood or whistling in dressing room ban?)

Dear Leatha-
Of course I've had stage fright... you'd have to be out of touch with reality to avoid it at some point... never to the extent that Olivier suffered...knock on wood!

renÚ a.

Posted here March 6, 2006

A question from Rob:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,
As a native (and current resident) of Stratford, CT, I was surprised to learn that your first theatre job was here. I had the opportunity to work at the American Shakespeare Theatre during the early '80s. My grandfather was a stagehand and got me in during the "Beatlemania" run, but I had previously had the chance to see many great performances there -- including Michael Moriarty as an unforgettable Richard III, David Birney as Romeo, Jan Miner as Juliet's nurse, and Fred Gwynne as an amazing Sir Toby Belch (I beaned him with a softball at the cast/crew picnic).

Unfortunately, the place has been dark for years. I just hope I live long enough to see someone reopen the place. Your bio says you were an apprentice. Did you ever have the chance to perform there? I'd love to hear any stories you'd care to tell...

Take care, sir. And, thank you for all the smiles you and Armin brought us.

Dear Rob-
Yes, it's very sad that that wonderful theater is standing dark and unused. There are many wonderful memories of great performances still lingering in the shadows. As an apprentice, I performed in all the shows that summer... albeit in small roles. I still cherish the memories of my time there.

Thanks for rekindling fond memories.

renÚ a.

Posted here August 22, 2005

A question from Leatha:

It's been wonderful, over the years, to see your great you enjoy doing "unusual" characters....and do you like doing comedy or drama?

Dear Leatha-
Thanks for those kind words. Yes I enjoy doing "unusual" characters...I'm a character actor after all. I hide behind the character. The more unusual, the more hidden I am...and that's just fine with me.

As for a comedy or drama preference...nope...I just like to act.

renÚ a.

Posted here August 22, 2005

A question from Maria:

Hi René:

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Collectormania in October. I have admired your work since seeing you as Modock in My Best Friend Is A Vampire, but there is always a special place in my heart for Odo. You have played many parts in your time -- is there any one part you still would like to play most of all? By the way, the lilac robe in Frasier is very becoming!

Dear Maria-

Looking forward to seeing you in England soon. Thanks for your message. I think I'd like to do a production of Molier's The Miser. And thanks for noticing how becoming the color lilac is for me. (o;

Best - rené a.

Posted here October 20, 2003

A question from Catherine Chandler

Which musical role have you enjoyed playing the best? Are musicals more demanding for you or do you find that you enjoy them more than plays/television/film roles?

On a personal note, I really miss seeing you on my TV screen once a week.

Dear Catherine-

I enjoyed doing the musical Big River by Roger Miller. I don't really consider myself a singer... so it's always a big challenge to do a musical.

All the best - René Auberjonois

Posted here December 10, 1999

A question from Joanna:

Hi Rene,

Just wondering what you might want to do after DSN has *dare I say it* ...ended? Would you like to do more theatre work, backpack round the world, stay in television or aren't you thinking about that yet? Maybe you've already answered this, but I havn't been on the net long and was just wondering. Enjoy your modem and please keep sending pictures to this fanpage cause they're great fun !!!


I DO want to return to the theater and I'm sure that will happen - though I can't say what that will entail...Broadway or Regional or here in L.A. Lots of possibilities...time will tell.

Backpacking is a very interesting thought.

Armin and I would love to continue working together. Any ideas for a series for the two of us?

Rene Auberjonois

Posted here July 5, 1998

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