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Autographs for Charity

Die deutsche ▄berseztung finden Sie hier.

Getting an autograph from René is as easy as 1, 2, 3 --

1: Decide what kind of item you'd like to have autographed

2: Decide how much money you'd like to donate to René's charity fundraising efforts

3: Send in your name, address, and check payable to "ORACLE", and your autograph will be on its way!

Items available and suggested donations:
Thanks to René's generosity and the creativity of his fans, you have LOTS of options. Here's a brief list, with links to longer descriptions of each item: 

Drawing cartoons in Tulsa, June 2001

An autographed, personalized photo -- $20

René's Garage Sale -- memorabilia from René's personal collection -- $10 and up

Ongoing fundraising projects, courtesy of René's official fan club, ORACLE -- $5 and up

If you wish, you can send in your own item (trading card, photo, poster) to be autographed -- but be warned: on occasion, things are damaged or even completely lost in transit. We handle all mail with care, but once it's out of our hands and in the postal system, we can assume no responsibility for its fate. If you decide to send your own item, please include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope of the correct size (with sufficient postage attached), plus a donation for each object you'd like to have signed: $10 per trading card, $20-30 for photos, posters, books, etc. We recommend that you include your e-mail address, too, so that we can keep in touch as your package travels from point to point.

Send your check or money order,
made payable to "ORACLE" to:

PO Box 16296
Minneapolis, MN 55416-0296

(We also welcome payment via PayPal;
write to Marguerite for details.)

Remember to include your postal and e-mail address.

Need more information? Visit the ORACLE section of René's Web Page, or write to Marguerite and she'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Photo of René and Talia by Jo Beth Taylor

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