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Garage Sale

Die deutsche Überseztung finden Sie hier.

During his long career, René has collected many souvenirs from the TV shows, films, and other projects he's been involved in -- far more than he needs to keep for himself. Rather than pack these treasures in a box and bury them at the back of a closet, where no one would ever enjoy them, he came up with a better plan: share them with the fans! 

Sorting and signing for the garage sale

(René sorting and autographing items for the garage sale)

Each item listed on this page was part of René's personal collection. The listed price includes shipping charges: after we take care of mailing, every remaining penny of your donation will go to support the life-saving work of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières. (You're welcome to send more than the suggested minimum donation, if you wish.)

Although René already signed most of these items for the purpose of this sale, you can have a personal inscription added (something like "To Mary") for a small additional cost (to cover additional mailing expenses). If you'd like an item personalized, don't forget to tell us what name you'd like on it. 

Card no. 96

Trading Cards

These are Odo cards from three different Skybox sets. First is card #96 from the "Master Series," featuring a digital computer portrait of Odo.

Card no. 86

The second card is #86 from the 1993 series, with a set of Odo-related trivia questions on the back. The photo on the front is from the episode "Vortex." 

Card no. 07

The third card is also from the 1993 series, card #07, with the subtitle "Primary Crew" and a brief Odo bio on the back.

Actual size: 2.5 by 3.5 inches
Price: $10 each
(specify autograph on front or back)


These are extra copies of books René donated to us, each autographed on the back by René. (You can read descriptions of the first two books here.)

  • The Last Day, by Glenn Keller, read by René
    Price: $10 (book on tape)
  • Brimstone, by Preston & Child, read by René
    Price: $15 (book on CD)

We have only limited quantities of these audiobooks, so please e-mail Marguerite to confirm that the title you're interested in is still available before you send in your check.

For other books read by René that we have available for sale, visit our fundraising projects page. 

Chef Louie

Autographed Cartoons

Odo's Bucket
René drew this cartoon several years ago and had it copied, then signed each one individually. 

Chef Louis

Chef Louis
Drawn by a Disney artist to show René his character for
The Little Mermaid.
Again, René hand-signed each one (and added "Zoot alors!")


Actual size of above cartoons: 8.5 by 11 inches
Price: $10 each ($15 to have it personalized)

Other versions Chef Louis

Here are a few more "working models" of Chef Louis from René's collection, available to be autographed.
Chef Louis 2
Slightly mad-looking chef with a knife

Chef Louis 3
The chef with a tatoo 

Chef Louis 4
Looking quite pleased with himself

Chef Louis 5
A glowering chef
with Sebastian

Actual size of versions of Chef Louis: 8 by 10 inches
Price: $10 each ($15 to have it personalized)

René's Garage Sale is run on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Even when we have multiple copies of an item, the supply is limited; some items are one of a kind. When they're gone, they're gone. With your order, please include clear instructions for what you'd like to buy and which, if any, items you'll accept as second or third choice if your first choice is sold out. Each order will be filled as it arrives at the ORACLE post office box. Include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if I have any questions, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope so I can return your check if I run out of your chosen item.

Send your check or money order,
made payable to "ORACLE" to:

PO Box 16296
Minneapolis, MN 55416-0296

(We also welcome payment via PayPal;
write to Marguerite for details.)

Please remember to include your postal and e-mail address.

Need more information? Write to Marguerite and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Photo of René and Marguerite by Mike Krause

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