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Boston Legal

In fall 2004, RenÚ was offered a recurring guest role on a new TV project created by producer David Kelley, Boston Legal. As the weeks went by, RenÚ's character, Paul Lewiston, appeared in more and more episodes until, in early 2005, he was promoted to being a regular on the show. René as Paul

However, at the end of season 3 in spring 2007, the producers decided to cut Paul Lewiston, and RenÚ was released from being a regular in the cast. Later in the summer, RenÚ was informed that the writers hoped to bring Paul back as a recurring guest star for several episodes in season 4. In other words, he's back to where he started when the show began! In September 2007, RenÚ filmed his first guest shot of the season, in what is tentatively scheduled as episode 8. We'll update information about Paul's appearances in future episodes as it becomes available.

Boston Legal is an odd show - part drama, part comedy, part in-depth study of American society and politics at the beginning of the 21st century. The writing is often first-rate, and many of the actors are, quite simply, superb. René as Paul

Below are a collection of links to many websites devoted to Boston Legal and articles and reviews written about the program as a whole or about individual episodes.

If you know of other links we should add, or if you'd like to contribute a review or comments about the show or about RenÚ's performance as Paul Lewiston, write to the website manager, Marguerite, and we'll see about adding it in. Thanks!


  • The official ABC Boston Legal website
  •, an extensive fan-run website
    This site has a wealth of information - everything from episodes synopses and reviews to screen captures to background information on guest stars and much, much more.
  • Boston Legal - BuddyTV's Boston Legal page includes news articles, video clips, and opportunites to interact with other BuddyTV members.

  • Boston Legal, France
    Crane, Poole, & Schmidt (& Lewiston)

    A beautiful website for French fans of Boston Legal, with lots of excellent photos of RenÚ as Paul Lewiston. Well worth a visit!

Articles and reviews

  • Interview with Bill D'Elia discussing season 4, with a brief mention of the decision to eliminate Paul Lewiston from the regular cast.
  • Brief review about the May 2006 seminar and cast Q&A at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York.
  • Excellent article about political content of the show, posted April 2, 2006
  • interview with RenÚ,
    February 28, 2006
  • Review of episode "Live Big"
    posted February 20, 2006
  • A commentary on "Live Big," with particular attention to RenÚ's performance
  • Another "Live Big" review, with comments about Kelley's use of older actors in the show
  • One more February 21

    episode 2

    RenÚ as Paul Lewiston, fall 2004

    credits shot

    Paul striding through the office; this shot
    was part of the weekly credits for a while

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