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Fanfiction Archives!

Here are links to sites with archives of Odo/Kira stories, plus other fan fiction. If you know of other Internet fanfiction archives with Odo stories or Odo/Kira stories, please send the URL to us!

Please note that most of these archives contain stories with mature content in addition to stories suitable for all ages.

This page's "other" Odo/Kira fan fiction
(for mature readers)

The Colonel and the Constable
Odo/Kira fanfic by this website's designer and builder, Carolyn R. Fulton

A wide selection of Odo fanfiction. If it's about Odo, and it's not here, it's probably there!

The Fic That is Here
Several stories by C. Zdroj.

The Chimera Tales:
Fanfiction about Odo and Kira

LOTS more of C. Zdroj's stories...a must-read for Odo/Kira fans.

Odo & Kira Forever
Wonderful stories by Mary Shaver

Skywater's Fanfiction
Stories by Skywater based on ST:DS9 and several other universes.

Dahkur Central
An archive of fanfic by a whole bunch of writers...enough reading material to keep an Odo/Kira fan busy for days!

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