Here you have it! An actual WORK IN PROGRESS!!

Beware, it's not finished, and I could still go back and change parts of it ... in fact, that's where YOU come in! : )

Where do you think I need to go with this? Are there any changes you would make in the way it's shaping up thus far? What do YOU think?

This story is something new for me in that I started it KNOWING that it is a CLEAR departure from series canon. (As opposed to those stories that turned INTO departures from canon when the DS9 writers refused to see things my way. :-D) It won't make much sense if you haven't read "Dreams Into Waking" and "Basilisk", in which Kira and Odo have established a romantic relationship, to the point of becoming engaged. In this story, I am taking the central premise of the DS9 episode "Broken Link" - Odo becoming a humanoid - and setting it down in the context of the "alternate reality" contained in these stories of mine. Nothing else, just that. Forget the "big baby beam-out" - as far as this story is concerned, it never happened! : )

This story (or what there is of it so far) is rated NC-17 for sexual content.

So here you have it! My current "work in progress"(well, ONE of them), "Changed Perception" ...

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