The Colonel and the Constable

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The only exceptions are those characters created by me, my stories, the title artwork (if it can be called that), the wonderful Roseheart graphics from Moyra's Web Jewels (a site which, alas, is little more than a memory), and the absolutely dynamite drawing by GreenWoman that she gave me for Christmas a number (!) of years ago. Those are mine.

A number of these works contain adult material. All stories are clearly marked with the appropriate rating where they are listed below. If you are offended by loving, consensual sex, proceed cautiously, and at your own risk! :)

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If you're new to the ranks of O/K fandom, or unfamiliar with our fave couple (or if you'd just like to see a carefully compiled list of questions and answers that relate their story thus far), please check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Odo and Kira. Updated May, 1998, and listed in the December 1998 issue of YAHOO! magazine.

This FAQ was compiled by Gary Himes, one of Kira and Odo's most staunch and faithful supporters!! Thank you, Gary!

roseThe Stories ...

Episode: The SearchKira and the Constable - A three script series in which Kira realizes that love is closer than she realized ... but that it is also just the beginning. Odo and Kira must take a stand against the evil machinations of Kai Winn in order to safeguard their relationship - and Kira's very life! The scripts are "Bridging the Gap," "Compromising Positions," and "The Wind of the Prophets." Rated "PG-13" for mature content.

Remedial Education - Kira stuns Odo with a revelation about her own affections... and makes him realize that there are still a lot of things he has to learn! Rated "R" for sexual content.

Essentials - Odo leaves Deep Space Nine in the aftermath of Major Kira's newly begun affair with Shakaar, and Kira comes to realize some home truths.Meanwhile, Odo is learning some lessons of his own -- with the able assistance of Ambassador Lwaxana Troi! Rated "R" for some sexual content.

From episode "His Way"Unexpected Dividends - Kira makes two most unwelcome discoveries, both about herself and about First Minister Shakaar ... but some very welcome ones about her best friend who would be more, Security Chief Odo. Rated "R" for some sexual content.

Dreams Into Waking - Strange dreams -- a strange crystal -- memories and revelations -- and a VERY surprising morning -- all call Kira Nerys to reexamine her life and her relationships. Of all the things I've written, I think this is my favorite. Rated "R" for sexual content.

Basilisk - An unexpected encounter with a visiting Cardassian forces Kira to relive one of the darkest incidents of her past, as Odo pursues a serial killer stalking the residents of Deep Space Nine. Rated "NC-17" for violence and sexual content.

Catalysts & Crucibles - Odo attempts to cope in the aftermath of the death of Lwaxana Troi as he undertakes the unprepared-for task of caring for her newborn son. 1st Place Winner (Tie) of the 1996 ASC Award for Best Odo/Kira Fanfiction. Rated "R" for mature themes and sexual content.

The Fire and the Rose - Kira in a monastery? Odo pregnant? Yep, all that, plus a red-headed Trill and a Bajoran mystic dabbling in the affairs of them both, in this sequel to "Catalysts& Crucibles". Rated "PG-13" for mild sexual content.

Misery Loves Company - And now for something completely different ... an "unusual" take on the Odo/Kirarelationship in "Misery Loves Company (Or How a Shapeshifter Came to Count a Trill's Spots)". As told by Odo V'lonn. Rated ""PG-13" for mild sexual content.

From episode "His Way"Third Moon Rising - 1st Place Winner (Tie) of the 1996 ASC Award for Best Odo/Kira Fanfiction - 1999 Fan Q Honorable Mention. Just a spot of naughty romantic fluff with steamy edges. Rated "R" for sexual content. Featuring an absolutely gorgeous line-drawing by GreenWoman, entitled "Third Moon Promised".

About Face - 1998 Dahkur Central Kira Fanfic Award Being a "solid" offers Odo a host of new problems ... with some surprising solutions.The first part of a two part -- novella? Novel? The word count is still out! -- to be concluded in "No Matter What the Cost", still in progress. Rated"R" for sexual content.

Liquid Assets - Kira decides that it's time she and Odo work things out in the aftermath of the Dominion Occupation of DS9. Rated "R" for sexual content.

Compensatory Benefits - A sequel to "Liquid Assets". Rated "R" for sexual content.

As the Prophets Have Willed It - So, what would happen if Kira took ODO to the Kendis shrine? Here's my take on that intriguing possibility, set shortly after the episode "You Are Cordially Invited" and the famous (infamous?)"closet scene". Rated "R" for sexual content.

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